Pre & post op rehabilitation
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Pre & post op rehabilitation

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Your surgeon will skilfully manage your operation but this is just the first step in your road to recovery . Following orthopaedic surgery Physiotherapy plays a very important role in managing your pain and rehabilitating you back to a fully functional level. Our team of physiotherapists are able to provide you with tailored treatment for the following conditions to name a few;
• Total hip replacement & hip resurfacing
• Total and partial knee replacements
• Shoulder replacement surgery
• Knee arthroscopy
• Anterior cruciate ligament repair
• Rotator cuff repair & shoulder decompression surgery
• Ankle and foot surgery
• Spinal decompression, discectomy and spinal fusion
• Achilles tendon repair
• Carpal tunnel surgery.......

Treatment may include hands on Physiotherapy, massage, kinesiotaping  stretches & tailored exercises to increase range of movement and strength, decreasing pain and swelling leading to a huge improvement in function and independence enabling you to return to your activities and sports in the quickest possible time. 

We are all experienced at individually tailoring post op rehab physio & progressing then to your specific requirements , you can have 1 :1 physio or join one of our small circuit based classes led by Tolis specifically for post op rehab. 

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