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Sports Massage


Our expert Sports Massage Therapists are here to help you do the things you love, better and more often.

Many common aches are associated with playing sports & activities that require physical exertion. During a sports massage our therapists use a combination of deep tissue techniques & passive stretching to reduce pain & tension. This type of massage is great for increasing flexibility which restores your body ready for your next training session. As a pre-event treatment, not only will you feel less stiff & sore after an event but sports massage can increase endurance, help prevent injuries & promote faster recovery.

Remedial Massage

Repetitive movements and habitual postures inflict much undue stress on the body, causing pain & limited range of movement. Our remedial massage therapists assess both postural & soft tissue problems and address the specific issues in your body. Using a gentle approach with deep-tissue techniques including myofascial & trigger point release, passive stretching to release tension in both mind & body and promote ultimate relaxation. This massage makes a perfect gift for someone who has not experienced therapeutic massage before.

Deep tissue Massage

This approach to massage is both therapeutic & relaxing. It is especially beneficial for releasing chronic muscular adhesions & tension associated with regional pain such as neck spasm, frozen shoulders, repetitive strain injury and low back pain. Our highly skilled team of massage therapists use a combination of techniques to facilitate trigger point release & myofascial stretches to restore tissues to healthy states. Working closely with our Physio team this massage is excellent post injury, for chronic pain & to aid lymphatic drainage treating a wide variety of issues with excellent results.


The benefits of sports massage are immeasurable

  • Greater flexibility and range of movement
  • Increased usage of available muscles
  • Improved performance
  • Improved self awareness
  • Fine tuning of training
  • Functional muscles balance
  • Improved fluid movement
  • Pain reduction
  • Appropriate psychological stimulation
  • Greater energy
  • Improved recovery
  • Injury prevention

The physiological effects are twofold as it is believed that sports massage works both mechanically and reflexively:

  • Massage works the skin, fascia, muscle and connective tissue, which softens, lengthens and stretches the soft tissue. The results of which are greater flexibility and mobility.
  • Reflexively it works to relax the mind and body and promote endorphin production, (natural painkillers). Massage is also a mood elevator.
  • In addition there are strong benefits to the skeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, lymphatic system, digestive and urinary systems.
  • A balanced body is a muscularly pain free body.

Sports massage should not be a painful experience. The depth of treatment should be adjusted to each individual’s preference. Pain is not an indicator of gain.

Clinical Massage

Advanced Clinical Massage is a very effective treatment for chronic pain, using cutting edge advanced massage and soft tissue techniques including trigger point, myofascial release, stretching and hot/cold stone treatment to reduce pain and injury, and we may use a combination of the many advanced techniques to create a session that is unique for you and your body.

Advanced massage techniques are effective in the treatment of chronic pain conditions such as:

Back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, RSI (repetitive strain injury), headaches and migraine, whiplash, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and tress related conditions.

Whether you experience chronic pain conditions described above or maybe you suffer from more common persistent muscle aches and tension in upper or lower back, neck or shoulders then this treatment is very effective and hugely beneficial’.