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Rafael Gomes


Pilates and Reformer Pilates Instructor

Rafael has an extensive background in sports, having participated in a wide range of activities from a young age, including athletics, football, gymnastics, kick-boxing, swimming, and surfing.

Starting with football at the age of eight, Rafael developed the physical and physiological strength to become a professional and semi-professional athlete. During his football career, he won several cups and leagues, and eventually became a physical coach for various teams.

In 1999, Rafael moved to Wales and began working as a lifeguard at the Bridgend Leisure Centre, where he also started developing his qualifications. He took several courses and workshops and eventually became an aerobic teacher. Over the course of five years, Rafael taught classes in Aerobics, Step, Dance, Cardio-kickboxing, Circuits, Body and Mind, Spinning, Body Pump, Aqua-fit, and worked as a Gym instructor, adult swimming instructor, hydro-gym instructor, adult basketball coach, kids football coach, and play skims instructor.

After a decade of living and working in Wales, Rafael decided to move to Portugal and open his own Pilates studio called "The Studio." He also worked with a rehabilitation clinic called "Clinica do Movimento" and collaborated with various gyms and fitness studios in the Porto area. Additionally, Rafael organized the "Porto Pilates Conference," which brought together some of the best Pilates teachers in the world and gave him the opportunity to learn from them.

Recently, Rafael has started working as a Pilates instructor at Chichester Physio, bringing his extensive experience and knowledge to help clients achieve their fitness goals.