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There are many uses of Kinesiotaping:

Kinesiology is a system of health care which uses manual muscle testing to identify the body’s imbalances, removing the need for guess work on the part of the practitioner.  

One of my clients said recently:   “During my treatment, the use of muscle testing made it very clear exactly what my body needed, I found it such an amazing experience.”  

Muscle testing is a tool used to evaluate the motor response of a muscle to a sensory challenge and it involves the kinesiologist exerting very light pressure on an arm or occasionally a leg muscle, and the client being requested to respond with equal pressure.  The muscle sensors communicate with the brain through the body’s feedback system and the muscle responds by remaining firm or giving under the pressure.  The client remains clothed and the muscle testing is painless and non-invasive.  Once the imbalances are assessed, a variety of therapies and techniques are then offered to bring the body back to harmony, according to the feedback communicated to the kinesiologist through the muscle testing. There is therefore, as mentioned above, no guess-work involved in formulating a therapeutic plan for a client. 

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