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Georgia Haskett


Sports Massage Therapist

Georgia Haskett is the latest addition to our team at Chichester Physio Ltd as a Sports Massage Therapist. Georgia brings a lifelong passion for sports, particularly football, which has been a significant part of her life from a young age. This deep-rooted interest in sports spurred her towards a career focused on the rehabilitation and treatment aspects that play a crucial role behind the scenes in athletics.

Georgia pursued her academic journey in this field, earning a degree in Sports Therapy. Her expertise, although rooted in sports therapy, extends far beyond treating athletes. Georgia is skilled in assisting individuals from all walks of life to return to, and maintain, their everyday activities and hobbies with ease and comfort.

An active sportsperson herself, Georgia continues to play football at a local level for Alton Football Club. Her involvement in sports is not just limited to playing; she also dedicates her time and skills to provide pitch side care and treatment to the Whitehill and Bordon Men's football team. Her hands-on experience in a sports environment enriches her understanding of sports-related injuries and treatments, making her an invaluable asset to our team and clients.

Georgia's blend of professional knowledge and personal experience in sports positions her uniquely to understand and address the needs of our clients, whether they are athletes or individuals seeking to improve their overall physical wellbeing. We are excited to have Georgia on board and look forward to the expertise and energy she brings to Chichester Physio Ltd.