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Strength & Balance Class

Take the first step to becoming stronger and reduce the likelihood of falling with this Physio led class.


Take Control

Aging is an inevitable biological process characterised by the gradual decline in various physiological functions, including muscle strength and balance. As individuals age, there is a natural decline in muscle mass and strength, a phenomenon known as sarcopenia. This reduction in muscle mass can lead to decreased overall strength and functional limitations making daily activities more challenging.


A well rounded approach to aging, proper nutrition and healthcare, can also help physical vitality.
In the UK approximately one in three adults over the age of 65 and half of those over 80 will have one or more falls a year. Not all falls result in serious injury such as fractures but they can affect your confidence and therefore your independence.

In our classes we work on building muscle strength and improving balance to reduce the likelihood of falls. We also work on strategies for how to get off the floor in the event of a fall.

In older people falls can be more of an issue because Osteoporosis (low bone mineral density) is more prevalent. In the UK over 3 million people have Osteoporosis and they are at higher risk of fragility fractures. These are fractures that result from low level traumas which would not normally result in fracture.

Osteoporosis can run in families, or develop due to the side effects of steroid medication. Women are also at greater risk after the menopause when the ovaries no longer produce the oestrogen that protects bones.

The good news is that doing weight bearing exercise can improve bone density! Clinical trials have also shown even frail individuals over 75 can make significant gains in muscle strength and mass by doing progressive resistance training at least twice a week.

What if I am unable to stand for long to exercise?

All our exercises can be done in seated or standing. We will work with you to gradually progress what you are capable of doing.

How many classes will I need to attend?

Our classes run in blocks of 6. It takes 6-12 weeks to build muscle mass so we recommend committing to 12 weeks initially and once you feel the benefits of what you have achieved we are sure you will want to continue progressing.

How much are the blocks of 6 classes?

A block of 6 classes is £78 (£13 each week)

When will the classes take place?

The classes will start on:
Wednesday 8th November at 10:30am, and run weekly for 6 weeks - SPACE AVAILABLE
Thursday 9th November at 11am, and run weekly for 6 weeks. 1 SPACE LEFT

What facilities are at your Bosham site?

We have plenty of parking around the studio and a toilet accessed from our exercise space. The room itself is heated and we have lots of equipment and space for us to work in.

What do I need to do next?

Call our Bosham Practice on 01243 783040 to book a telephone consultation with our Physio, Madeleine who can discuss your suitability for the class and help you take the next steps.