OSMO Patch (10 patches)
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OSMO Patch (10 patches)


The OSMO Patch Is designed to gently alleviate joint and muscle pain associated with swelling and inflammation.

The OSMO Patch has been available for over 10 years and used by tens of thousands of individuals looking for a natural treatment option. It is a natural alternative that when used in combination with adequate rest provides natural support to reduce inflammation, swelling and the associated pain due to bursitis, baker’s cysts, tendonitis, carpal tunnel as well as many other similar joint and muscular inflammatory conditions.

Whether you are looking to support your current treatment regime or just wishing to try and avoid invasive surgery, painful drainage syringes, cortisone shots and damaging anti-inflammation medications, then the OSMO Patch just may be the answer you have been searching for!

Visit the OSMO Patch website for more information https://www.osmopatch.com

IMPORTANT: Not suitable for use on individuals allergic to seafood or shellfish.