Hateel Sagar
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Hateel Sagar


Rehabilitation MSK Chartered Physiotherapist

Hateel achieved a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science (Physical activity for health) in 2019 from University of Chichester, followed by an MSc in Physiotherapy in 2021 from London South Bank University. 
Hateel brings a wealth of clinical experience from both the NHS and the private sector. His practical competencies span a variety of sectors, including rehabilitation and clinical exercise physiology, all with a laser focus on health, exercise, and overall well-being.  
Hateel has a passion for rehabilitation and his dedication to instilling confidence in his patients when it comes to fear avoidance movements. He employs a hands-on treatment approach, bespoke treatment plans and leverages the power of movement to alleviate pain, enhance range of motion, and build strength. 
Beyond the world of physiotherapy, Hateel is an avid advocate for exercise, focusing on functional movements and strength training. Once a rugby player, now enjoys watching the game on the screen. Plus, he’s an adventurous traveler and cherishes quality time with his family.