Antonia Stringer

Antonia Stringer

Antonia Stringer

Pilates Instructor

Antonia’s love of Pilates started following a riding accident. Through her own practice she now feels stronger, more able to cope with the hectic demands of life and more comfortable in her own skin than ever. Now a Level 3 Body Control Pilates teacher and PACE (Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise) instructor she really enjoys helping clients to understand and use their bodies more efficiently and effectively and has a particular interest in postural correction and how it can complement rehabilitation and enhance sporting performance.

  • Antonia is a Body Control Pilates teacher and PACE (Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise) instructor
  • Particular interest in postural analysis and correction and how it can complement physio
  • She enjoys helping clients use their bodies more effectively and efficiently

Postural Assessment
Improving your posture minimises stress and strain on the supporting structures of your body, maximises the function of your muscles and joints and promotes optimal movement and efficiency. This in turn reduces associated discomfort and pain, improves general well-being and energy levels and enhances sporting performance. Becoming aware of poor postural habits and how to correct them means you are able to maximise the effects of any prescribed rehabilitation and exercise plan.

During the initial consultation we take a case history and complete a full postural and movement based assessment. We look at the whole body evaluating:

  • Skeletal alignment when standing and sitting
  • Postural symmetry and muscle balance
  • Flexibility and strength of muscle groups

Based on the results, we discuss existing imbalances and the implications. We explore how your postural habits in daily activities or during exercise performance may have resulted in dysfunction and begin teaching corrective exercises to restore balance, flexibility and strength as necessary.